March 28
Holiday Inn

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Talk to hundreds of candidates in the express interview area and harvest the best CVs in 1 day

TED Talks

Share your insights and tap into the expert talks on career and recruitment

Panel Discussion

Discuss the development of Armenia's labor market with government and enterprise reps

B2B- and B2G-networking

Establish meaningful connections with other participants in the networking area
TED Talks
"Which IT Solutions Do IT Experts Choose? Cases of Developing Digital Infrastructure in IT and Digital Companies"
"Professions 202X: How to Stay Relevant in an Era of Continuous Transformations and Cultural Integration?"
"How to Integrate and Motivate Dispersed Teams? Addressing the Evolving Impact of the Gig Economy and Migration Processes"
"Economy 4.0: Ensuring sustainable Emloyment in the Decade of Digitalization and Automatization"
"Finding the Balance: Using Humour and Seriousness in Brand Positioning on Social Networks to Engage and Capture an Audience"
12:35–12:50 — AI: Strengthening the Team or Dismissing Them? (Lusine Vardanyan, TIME)
12:50–13:05 — Innovative Technologies in Charity (Hayk Hayrapetyan, IMAST)
13:05–13:20 — E-commerce (Sergey Markosian, Emater)
13:20–13:35 — at 360 Degrees | From Customer's Wish to Implementation (Liana Barseghyan,
13:40–13:55 — New Management Style: Embracing Digital Transformation (Ralph Yirikian, Ucom)
13:55–14:10 — Professions 202X: How to Stay Relevant in an Era of Continuous Transformations (Diana Jeyranyan, Standard Group)
14:10–14:25 — Evaluation of the Labor Market Trends in Armenia for 2023 and Projections for 2024 (Luiza Avetisyan,
14:30–14:45 — My Journey to Armenia to Open a Restaurant: Cultural Mindset, Market Dynamics, Operational Nuances (Vyacheslav Khromushin, Mozzarella)
14:45–15:00 — Rights and Obligations of Employer and Employee (Izabella Poghosyan, Rostelecom)
15:00–15:15 — Humorous Job Interviews in Action: Impact on Business Outcomes (Lilit Sahakyan, Move2Business)
15:20–15:35 — HR Branding and Corporate Culture Design within the Company (Emma Margaryan, Earlyone)
15:35–15:50 — Impact of Business Education on Implementing Economy 4.0 Processes in Companies (Hasmik Mkrtumyan, Papyrus)
16:05–16:20 — Innovation in Education: Contemporary Trends and Challenges in the School System (Artem Khozyainov, Quantori)
16:25–16:40 — Tips on Developing a Strong Personal Brand (Mais Vardanyan, blogger)
16:40–16:55 — How Can a Brand Effectively Communicate with the Audience on the Radio? (Ruzanna Shahinyan, Radio Aurora)
16:55–17:10 — Cringe or Top? Creativity, Results, Metrics (Suren Ghazaryan , iBuben)
17:10–17:25 — The Phenomenon of Brand (Margarita Sargsyan and Ani Karapetyan, Azat Mard)
17:25–17:40 — The Body Shop: a Brand That Changes the World (Elen Gevorgyan, The Body Shop)
  • Luiza Avetisyan
    Co-founder and CEO
  • Liana Barseghyan
    Product Manager
  • Sergey Markosian
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Izabella Poghosyan
    Chief Lawyer
  • Ruzanna Shahinyan
    Radio Aurora
  • Vahan Ghukasyan
    Head of Sales
  • Lilit Sahakyan
    Managing Partner
  • Vyacheslav Khromushin
    General Manager
  • Emma Margaryan
    HR Manager
  • Elen Gevorgyan
    Brand Manager
    The Body Shop
  • Ani Karapetyan Director
    Azat Mard
  • Margarita Sargsyan
    Digital Marketing Director
    Azat Mard
  • Hasmik Mkrtumyan
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Diana Jeyranyan
    Financial Director
    Standard Group
  • Artem Khozyainov
    Vice President at Quantori, Head of Quantori Armenia
Panel discussion
  • Mkhitar Hayrapetyan
    Minister of High-Tech Industry
  • Hrayr Hakobyan
    Head of the Unit for Cooperation with Employers and Labor Migration
    of the Department for Employment Provision and Development
    of Labor Potential
  • Hovhannes Aleksanyan
    Head of Repatriation and Integration Center of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs
Holiday Inn
Address: Amiryan str. 2, floor 2, Holiday Inn
Date: March 28
Time: 12 p.m – 6 p.m.
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  • 14 700+

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    of companies find from 5 to 50+ target candidates

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Guest Professions in 2023
  • 23%

    IT Specialists

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    Digital Specialists

  • 7%

    Top Management

  • 62%

    Other specialists and managers

Feedback from Participants
  • “We were pleasantly surprised by the flow of the candidates”

  • "Throughout the event, we received 105 CVs. Thank you!"

  • "Everything was organized very well; we found more than 10 specialists as well as 3 managers; we have already scheduled interviews"
  • "The public matched our expectations. We would be happy to take part in the upcoming events"
  • "Such events, I think, are truly important for the industry and beyond. The attendees can connect and exchange contact details for further cooperation"
  • "This is a very good initiative of particular usefulness for companies that look for employees all year round (like us). Not only does it give an opportunity to find employees, but also to present your brand, raise awareness and find potential clients if you are 'new' to the market"

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